Board Members

The Neighborhood Council Board is made up of up to fifteen (15) volunteer Board Members elected by popular vote, who serve 2-year terms. The Board should include representation from the recognized neighborhood areas within the North End Neighborhood Council, and a majority of the Board Members shall be neighborhood residents.

Neighborhood residents are encouraged to take a leadership role in serving as board members and officers of the Neighborhood Council. Annual Board elections are held in November, and the board elects its officers in December. For more information view the NENC Bylaws.

2017 Board Members


Kyle Price, Chair
Jodi Cook, Vice Chair
Anna Petersen, Treasurer
Rachel Cardwell, Secretary

Jim Bush
Bea Christophersen
Jill Jensen
Michael Lafreniere
Jim Merritt
Erica Nelson
Dave Prather
Susan Ryan
Joe Tieger

Doug Crane