Jodi Cook

Cushman Substation – very cool historic photos – “place making” ideas – nomination status

Check out Facebook page:  Friends of Tacoma’s Cushman Substation Ask to join, and see historic photos, including aerial shot of surrounding neighborhoods. Participate in ideas for what future public uses this “Placemaking” property could bring to Tacoma. Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission will be reviewing findings and recommendations on nomination to add Cushman Substation.  February 22nd 5:30pm  747 Market Street… Read more →

Proposed New Re-zones: May Impact Your Neighborhood

Tacoma is growing, and as a home or business owner you and your neighbors have a vested interest in how growth may impact you and your investments. Rezoning, “residential infill,” “mixed-use centers,” and “accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are different ways to allow for growth that could dramatically change the look and feel of your neighborhood. Rezoning can affect homes currently… Read more →

22 Trees needed to support 1 person!

    Photos of homeowners who did their part to help grow Tacoma’s plan to increase our tree canopy by 30%. A big thank you to Susan Ryan whose enthusiasm and organizational skills helped to plant the 100 trees Nov. 19th. ALERT:  Before you plant, prune or remove any trees found in the right of way (street to sidewalk), a… Read more →