Understanding the 2018 Annual Amendments (3 of 6) – Height Measurements in Old Town, N Proctor & 34th Commercial “View Sensitive Overlay District”

[This is post 3 of 6 in our series on Understanding the 2018 Annual Amendments. View all posts in the series.] This application came from a private citizen and seeks an amendment to how building height is measured in all C-2 (Commercial) zoning districts in the VSD (view sensitive district) overlay district. The View Sensitive District includes: Old Town Commercial… Read more →

Understanding the 2018 Annual Amendments (2 of 6) – Open Space Corridors Project

The Open Space Corridors Project is a step in implementing the City’s Parks and Open Space designation in the new “One Tacoma” Comprehensive Plan. It would update Critical Areas standards to better protect “Biodiversity Corridors” and “Steep Slope” areas to “prevent fragmentation of some of Tacoma’s most valuable natural areas and clarify reasonable use of property in these areas.” The… Read more →

Tideflats Interim Regulations

The NENC sent the letter below to the City Council concerning the Tideflats Interim Regulations, to be voted on by the City Council on Nov 21st. The Council meeting will start at 5pm. More information on this topic is available from the city here:  See the NENC Documents page for position papers, meeting agendas, and other items. NENC Letter Letter… Read more →

NENC request for design review for buildings in Mixed-Use Centers

On March 31, 2017, the North End Neighborhood Council filed a request to amend the City of Tacoma’s Comprehensive Plan to engage the community and enact a formal design review for buildings in the City’s Mixed-Use Centers, particularly the Proctor and 6th Ave MUCs that are within NENC’s boundaries. You may read NENC’s request NENC via the link below: You… Read more →

Updates from City of Tacoma on potential rezones, Planning & Development forums, and online resources

  The City of Tacoma is hosting a series of Planning & Development Forums around the City from February to May 2017. The next forum is scheduled on April 10 from 6-8pm at Meeker Middle School. In addition, Public Comments on potential rezones can now be made online at More information on these items, as well as the deadline for Comprehensive Plan… Read more →