Got feedback? Proposed City code changes target public safety

In response to community feedback, the City of Tacoma is working on updates to the Chronic Nuisance Code (TMC 8.30A) and Business License Code (6B.10).

The code changes are intended to “positively affect communities by encouraging property and business owners to be good neighbors. Strengthening the code will also allow the City to respond faster to concerns and provide more options to the City when businesses and other properties do not comply.”

The City Council will review the proposed changes at Study Session on August 14th and adoption of approved changes is expected by September 30, 2018.

Any comments regarding any of the proposed changes can be sent to

Code Changes Flyer

  1 comment for “Got feedback? Proposed City code changes target public safety

  1. Georgette Reuter
    October 1, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    I have a safety concern. With the increase in traffic at Proctor and 26th shopping area, I’m very concerned about pedestrian safety. With the increase in traffic due to the Proctor Station and the new apartments soon to open, there are fewer and fewer places for parking. Therefore, many of us residents of the Proctor area walk from our homes to the Proctor grocery stores, shops, etc. Although there have been some added painted cross walks and lights, the main intersection at 26 and Proctor needs additional safety features. My main suggestion is to have bold painted crosswalks at 26 and Proctor -painted in reflective white that can easily been seen at night. I’m the past, I almost was hit while crossing the street by a car making a left hand turn. Another time, while on the sidewalk at the intersection with my 2 dogs, I was almost struck by a bicyclist speeding down the sidewalk.

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