Meeting Tonight (January 5th, 2015)

NENC Board Meeting Agenda
January 5, 2015– 6PM
University Of Puget Sound – Thompson Hall, Room 193

I. Call to Order, Adoption of Agenda

II. Introductions & Welcome

III. Local citizen opportunity to comment

IIII. Approval of Minutes

V. Treasurer’s Report

VI. Liaison reports

VII. Old Business – Thanks to Kyle for an exceptional job.

VIII. i. New Business: Concerns for 2015 – traffic, parking and other changes because of the apartment/retail development on Proctor, the multiplex at Pointe Ruston due to open this spring, The US Open in UP this summer. Anything else?
ii. Proposal to dedicate $500 each year toward NUSA. Discussion and vote.
iii. Alternate site for large meetings (like the Proctor development meeting last spring).
iiii. Clarification of boundaries and member responsibilities for new members.
iv. Volunteers for LIVE TV show on CityLine featuring Neighborhood Councils and 2014 year in review, January 15.
Be there at 8:15am.

IX. Adjournment7:30ish PM
Times are approximate. Agenda is subject to Chair’s discretion.