Nov 2nd deadline for Public Comment on Proposed Proctor2 South Building



Public Comments Due

Wednesday November 2nd, 2016 by 5:00PM PROCTOR SOUTH

To read the SEPA report, go to: content/uploads/2013/06/LU16-0098.pdf

How to comment on the report?

Provide well documented and supported concerns about impacts that require avoidance, reduction or compensatory mitigation in your comments.

  1. Is the SEPA document complete and accurate?
  2. Does it provide enough information to analyze the likelyenvironmental impact?
  3. Does it identify mitigation measures to avoid adverseimpacts?
  4. Is the evaluation and determination of significancesupported with findings and conclusions?
  5. Are there alternatives that appropriately address thepurpose and need of the proposal?

General Tips

  • –  Clearly identify the document under review.
  • –  Avoid or limit asking questions and use “if-then”statements instead.
  • –  Make declaratory statements that are supported with facts.
  • –  Be respectful.
    Example of alternative to asking a question:
    Do say: “If this project will include the use of generators, then…”
    Don’t say: “It is unclear whether the proposal will include the use of generators.”

Send comments to: Shirley Schultz, City of Tacoma

State Environmental Policy Act

SEPA Preliminary Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance

Proctor South – 2502 North Proctor File No, LU16-0098

Commenting allowed on these potential environmental impacts:


  • Animals Plants
  • Public services
  • CulturalResources
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Energy
  • Environmentalhealth
  • Land use
  • Plants
  • Public services

Washington Department of Ecology,