Proposed New Re-zones: May Impact Your Neighborhood

Tacoma is growing, and as a home or business owner you and your neighbors have a vested interest in how growth may impact you and your investments.

Rezoning, “residential infill,” “mixed-use centers,” and “accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are different ways to allow for growth that could dramatically change the look and feel of your neighborhood. Rezoning can affect homes currently zoned as single family to multifamily as an example.


Tacoma’s Planning Department recently sent out 30,000 postcards to residential and business owners, and neighboring properties that could be affected by proposed rezones. A map of all rezones can be found at:

The city will hold four forums. The first will be held at 6 p.m., Feb. 13 at Downing Elementary School, 2502 N. Orchard. The meeting is open to all and will provide vital information on how you can participate and help shape the changes being considered.

For more information about the forums please go to and click on “Forum”