Updates from City of Tacoma on potential rezones, Planning & Development forums, and online resources


20170410-ForumThe City of Tacoma is hosting a series of Planning & Development Forums around the City from February to May 2017. The next forum is scheduled on April 10 from 6-8pm at Meeker Middle School.

In addition, Public Comments on potential rezones can now be made online at www.cityoftacoma.org/rezones

More information on these items, as well as the deadline for Comprehensive Plan amendments and online permits map is available in an email (copied below) from Stephen Atkinson in the Planning and Development Department:


Good afternoon –

First of all, I would to thank everyone who attended our last PDS Forum at Gray Middle School. It was great to meet everyone who attended and I look forward to continuing the discussions that we began at that event. Second of all, I want to share a few announcements:

  1. Planning and Development Forum. Our next Planning and Development Forum is April 10, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Meeker Middle School. Please see the attached notice. More information is available at www.cityoftacoma.org/pdsforums. There will be light refreshments provided by Lumpia World
  2. Public Comments on Potential Rezones. Public comments are now enabled on www.cityoftacoma.org/rezones.
    1. Go to www.cityoftacoma.org/rezones.
    2. In the upper right hand corner, click on the following widget:
    3. It will open an Add Comment box.
    4. Activate New Feature, and then as you scroll over the map, you can drop the point at any location and provide a comment. When you are done typing your comment, save it to add it to the map.
    5. To review comments, X back out of the Add Comment box and as you click on the pins on the map you can read all of the comments that are added to the map.
    6. You can also aggregate comments with the Summary Tool: on the left hand side of the screen. This will allow you to see how many comments are being submitted in close proximity. To add a comment or read comments, this function should be turned off.
    7. Staff and the Planning Commission are currently scoping the project. Please consider submitting comments identifying issues or concerns that you would like to see studied or evaluated as we move into the technical assessment phase of this review.
    8. If you have trouble with the tool please feel free to contact me with questions.


  1. Private Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code Amendment Applications. The application period for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code ends March 31 at 5:00pm. We expect a number of applications to be submitted. As the applications are received they will be posted at https://www.cityoftacoma.org/cms/one.aspx?portalId=169&pageId=105237. Please start checking back to the website over the next couple of weeks for more information on these applications.


  1. Tacoma Permits Map Online. One of the questions we frequently get is “how do I find out about permits in my neighborhood?” Planning and Development Services is currently testing out an interactive map that combines building and land use permit notifications. It is available here: http://wspdsmap.ci.tacoma.wa.us/website/PDS/Permits/
    1. Filtering results: In the upper right hand corner click on the Filter Tool
    2. There are a number of options here, from land use notices to building permits; status of the application; as well as time period.
    3. As you zoom in you will see individual dots appear on the map.
    4. Click on a dot and you will get a brief status and description.

We will be discussing both the Tacoma Permits map and the area-wide rezone comment function at the next PDS Forum. Staff will be on hand to provide further explanation of online tools and data. Additional mapping tools are available at www.cityoftacoma.org/mapsand a broad variety of data tools are accessible at https://data.cityoftacoma.org.

Please provide feedback on your user experience as you test these tools so we can continue to improve the experience and make the information that you care about more easily accessible.

Best wishes,

Stephen Atkinson

Planning and Development Services

City of Tacoma

(253) 591-5531